Friday, 10 February 2012

Just realised we hardly post anymore, waa thats depressing.
I had 69 faves for my room the other day, what a special number :3

This was on fb, and I was like aw so true, so yeah.
Tell a girl she's beautiful, she'll believe it for a moment.
Tell a girl she's ugly, she'll believe it for a lifetime.
But it wouldnt fit on my profile properly and that, so its now on here for anyone that wants to copy it.<3

The polls have closed and I didn't realise, so we'll probably have to make some more if anyone can be bothered to vote :3
'Who's the shexiest?': Merr (74 votes), Lucie (27 votes), Gem and Nommy (25 votes), Flash (22 votes), Johnny (19 votes)
'Biggest Whore?': Merr (81 votes), Nommy (70 votes), Gem (31 votes), Gp (26 votes), Lucie (20 votes), Musa (17 votes)
'How do you say pico?': Picko (75 votes), Peeko (19 votes)


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