Sunday, 10 June 2012

Hello c:

Hehe hii
got a few pictures for you hoes, ehehe :)

but first of all, for my friendies on pico, i'm changing my name back to just 'Merr' or w.e. Having the bye stuff in it is depressing, but yeah i've still quit:L

Hehe now for the pictures; enjoy <3

I think SocietyHatesUS should do this.
If you guys haven't heard of them before, they're seriously hilarious?
Have you ever heard of the Janoskians? If you haven't then go to and watch all of their videos, they're so hilarious:)
Well SocietyHatesUS are a group, a little bit younger than the Janoskians and they've been inspired by them to do videos and try and get famous! They're hilarious, even though their filming can be a bit dodgy:P 
But Nick and Gavin from their group added me on facebook, and they're both seriously sweet :) Me and Paige are trying to get them famous on twitter;) So if you haven't heard of them, their youtube page is
You should subscribe to them & then watch all of their videos:)
Also, their twitter is!/SocietyHatesUS
They're quite new to it all, so everything doesn't have that many people, which means you're more likely to be noticed by them;) 
You should go and like them.
Also, while I'm here talking about twitter, come and follow me on my account, I've only got 24 followers:(:(:(!/TashAngwin so followfollowfollow :) thank you <3

Aye aye ;) What happens in Hogwarts STAYS at Hogwarts ;)

:3 Hehehe when I found this, I laughed for so long.

Everytime, every fucking time.
I love how guys complain about girls choosing the bad ones, but fuck, you date whores.

Omfg, Teddy followed me. Just so you guys know, Teddy is the guy from the Janoskians videos, he also has his own channel, which is
He's absolutly hilarious, he rants alot, but everything he says, I find myself agreeing with.

This is the guy from SocietyHatesUS. I like had a little heart attack when he accepted me! And then he gave me a heart too, AWW :) <3

James re tweeted me. James re tweeted me. James re tweeted me. James re tweeted me. James re tweeted me. James re tweeted me. James re tweeted me. James re tweeted me. James re tweeted me. James re tweeted me. James re tweeted me. James re tweeted me. James re tweeted me. James re tweeted me. 
I can not get over that, eep so happy :-))
Love you James!!
Btw, guys. James Yammouni is the guy from the Janoskians, there are the brooks brothers, Beau, Jai and Luke, and then there's Skip and James :)

Me and Paige, we were spamming Zayn Malik from One Direction, c: But then we got banned:( </3

We.made.Zaynbow.trend :):):)

Hope you enjoyed, thank you guys for the views by the way, i'll be sure to edit the picture soon for the '7000' :) 
Love you all xox
-Merryn :)

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Hiiiii guys

Waaa, no more pico.
Revision can suck my non-existent dick, it's so boring. I didn't sleep at all last night and my mum was like 'You're not sleeping, you have to revise' yayyy, so my day's been FUN..

ALSO! If anyone out thuuuur has an IMVU account, then you should add me, I go on there sometimes with the chiggas <3 My name is Guest_Taashxoxo. And if you guys have twitter, you may as well follow that too, it's TashAngwin. ehe, hope to hear from ya babesies xox

Here's some sexy pictures to cheer you up;D

This is King, :( He got in to some trouble, I don't really want to go in to it, cause it really hurts me still :c but he was my dog and he was SO lovely, like butter wouldn't melt <3 but he's gone now;( and I miss him, and I know this probably sounds pathetic, but if his new owners ever see this blog, which is pretty impossible, well I want them to know I miss him and to take good care of him. <33

England, in a picture.

I'd do good to remember that ^

Alicia always tells me I don't have a soul, I tell her to watch out otherwise I'll steal hers:)

If you're feeling down, here's a shaved llama to cheer you up:)

HAHAHAHA I can just imagine my friend, Sam saying this.

The sad thing is, if you was back, then it'd still be you, no hesitation about it :p

o.o.. If I'm dead and reading this, then I can fucking predict the future :)

Bitch, die.

Eveeeeeeeeeeeeerytime, <3


Zack and Cody! ;D


D a m n.

I wish this was my dad. LOL

To everyone who ever asks me that. Your answer is above. ^

Awww, money. He reminds me of Mr Crabs from Spongebob. LOL


Hehehe, I'll post now and again when I'm bored, but I'm on facebook and twitter more often, keep in touch sexies xoxox

-Merryn xox

Sunday, 3 June 2012


Okay so I didn't think anyone looked at this blog anymore, but I just went on it by accident cause it was on my bookmarks and I saw we have over 7000 pageviews, so thank you to anyone reading this.

I don't actually come on pico anymore, if you didn't notice, I only came on like once every 2 weeks for 10 mins to see how my bitches are doing, but I have everyone on facebook and some of the chiggas on real facebook too so I don't need to come online anymore, & we go on imvu atm which is hilarious.

I didn't actually say bye to anyone though which sorta sucks cause I won't ever speak to most of you again if I didn't see you much to start with, but it meant that nobody could stop me from leaving:-)

And yeah, I just spent about half an hour reading merr's last post and listening to the song, so you should go read that now if you haven't already. Just scroll down a bit.

It's like midnight and I have to get up hell early in the morning so I don't have time to write pages like merr did, just remember I love you all and stuff & sorry to anyone I ever argued with over a stupid game ;-)
And if you're in a fight with anyone on pico right now, you should probably stop. In about a months time or if you decide to stop going on pico, you're gonna be sat there thinking 'why did I actually argue with a stranger over a little game?' then you'll feel really stupid and regret whatever you've said and done.
Who wants to be remembered as a whore or whatever that fights with everyone, right?

I hope you all enjoy your lovely lovely lives & appreciate everyday cause you're lucky to be you and blablabla, you are beautiful no matter what they say, WORDS CANT BRING YOU DOWNN. Okay bye now,

will stay in touch.
-Luuuuuuuuucie c: