Saturday, 5 May 2012

:-) Alot to explaiiiiin

Oooooookay, I'mma start with a video, because this explains everything :-) ish...

^ hahahahhahahahahahhaa, that's me bitch :-)

Alsooooo, I'm not coming on as much, if I can't have him, there's no point baha. I don't want to be a sitting duck waiting for some bullshit to upset me. This morning was horrible and ik it was cause I'm always on this game and it's so freaking pointless. I'mma still come on for my chiggaaaaaaaas <33 Lucie Gem Cheese Pop Mac Izzy Christy :-))))))

Haaaaa, I'm already happier today, so fuck pico :s

Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry hoes, ily all ;) <3 xoxoxoxoxoxox

Merr <3 xox

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