Sunday, 3 June 2012


Okay so I didn't think anyone looked at this blog anymore, but I just went on it by accident cause it was on my bookmarks and I saw we have over 7000 pageviews, so thank you to anyone reading this.

I don't actually come on pico anymore, if you didn't notice, I only came on like once every 2 weeks for 10 mins to see how my bitches are doing, but I have everyone on facebook and some of the chiggas on real facebook too so I don't need to come online anymore, & we go on imvu atm which is hilarious.

I didn't actually say bye to anyone though which sorta sucks cause I won't ever speak to most of you again if I didn't see you much to start with, but it meant that nobody could stop me from leaving:-)

And yeah, I just spent about half an hour reading merr's last post and listening to the song, so you should go read that now if you haven't already. Just scroll down a bit.

It's like midnight and I have to get up hell early in the morning so I don't have time to write pages like merr did, just remember I love you all and stuff & sorry to anyone I ever argued with over a stupid game ;-)
And if you're in a fight with anyone on pico right now, you should probably stop. In about a months time or if you decide to stop going on pico, you're gonna be sat there thinking 'why did I actually argue with a stranger over a little game?' then you'll feel really stupid and regret whatever you've said and done.
Who wants to be remembered as a whore or whatever that fights with everyone, right?

I hope you all enjoy your lovely lovely lives & appreciate everyday cause you're lucky to be you and blablabla, you are beautiful no matter what they say, WORDS CANT BRING YOU DOWNN. Okay bye now,

will stay in touch.
-Luuuuuuuuucie c:

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