Thursday, 29 March 2012

Bye mickey :c


First of all:
your insecure, dont know what for, we know ur black when u walk through the door door doorr
dont need make up, to cover up, ur aisan eyes do that enough ough ough
every one else in the room can see it every one else but you
baby you have ginger hair like no body else the way that you flip ur afro gets me over whelmed and
when u smile at the ground it and hard to tell
you dont know oh oh you dont know im white

Have fun collecting your swag hahaha,, jesus you're like my best friend? Whattttt will i do without you. 

мicкεy--мαттy (22:57)
yo im duston

awh mickey. :)

(23:02) ♥ƓƐᙢz♥ηιcк♥: CHEESE
(23:02) мicкεy--мαттy: tell musa i said to use protection<
(23:02) ๑Cнeese๑: o;

I can't believe you said that haha, but dw i will o_o

 ik this is sad but you locked your room so i cant post on ur board. So byebye Mickeyetta, Duddy,  Son, Gurrlfrand, Dustbin, Dusty. You're like my brother haha, i can tell you anything and you laugh no matter how serious it is ;D I'll explode without you to rant tooo, but good luck with life or whatever it is they call it :) And good luck with getting that one direction song off of your back. And try not to fall down the stairs/trip over any bras, fuck and please don't cook your arm, that shit is just not healthy :) LOLOL  Bye icky mickey, from merlin, mummy, trash, tash, moustache haha i'll miss your life lessons too. And here's one for you, 

Don't forget me, or else I will hunt you down and write one direction/hannah montana/high school musical/camp rock songs all over your bedroom walls, floor, roof and all the furniture so you can never escape it. :)

- from Merr and Lucie <3 :)

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