Saturday, 3 March 2012

LOL that's wonderful Chris c:

(00:05) ™₡няιѕ๖ۣۜϟ†υЙ: can a girl
(00:05) ™₡няιѕ๖ۣۜϟ†υЙ: dislocate
(00:05) ™₡няιѕ๖ۣۜϟ†υЙ: her bewbs
(00:05) ™₡няιѕ๖ۣۜϟ†υЙ: or naw
(00:05) мёяя вєяяι♥: nonono
(00:05) ™₡няιѕ๖ۣۜϟ†υЙ: That would be amazing if they could
(00:05) ™₡няιѕ๖ۣۜϟ†υЙ: id like
(00:05) мёяя вєяяι♥: o.o
(00:05) ™₡няιѕ๖ۣۜϟ†υЙ: dislocate mine
(00:05) ™₡няιѕ๖ۣۜϟ†υЙ: and just
(00:05) ™₡няιѕ๖ۣۜϟ†υЙ: slap people with em
(00:05) ™₡няιѕ๖ۣۜϟ†υЙ: and be like
(00:05) ™₡няιѕ๖ۣۜϟ†υЙ: TIT' SLAPPED NIQQUH

-merryn :L

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