Tuesday, 13 March 2012

HAHAHAHAHA this is what happens when I click on a random event to prop and ring people, and it turns out to be a 'need a gf' thing.

--- You have moved to нaρρïlÿ εṿεɾ aғτεɾ
--- You have moved to ۞ STAN Ninja Dojo 2 ۞
(17:16) cutechloe2345: who do u pick?
(17:16) Vegita ss3: Your Peniѕ
(17:16) AlyssaO: what?!
(17:16) Your Peniѕ: LOL sorry im not here for the event
(17:16) Equine.Lover: gross. thats unattractive.
(17:16) cutechloe2345: u lil cu*t
(17:17) Vegita ss3: oh man
(17:17) Vegita ss3: no
(17:17) Your Peniѕ: dont get mad girls..
(17:17) Vegita ss3: her name
(17:17) Your Peniѕ: i was just
(17:17) Vegita ss3: Your Peniѕ
(17:17) Your Peniѕ: propping you all
(17:17) Your Peniѕ: :c
(17:17) Vegita ss3: ok
(17:17) AlyssaO: ok haha
(17:17) Equine.Lover: ew, your very immature.
(17:17) Your Peniѕ: ok HAHAHAHAHAH
(17:17) Your Peniѕ: why thank you :D
(17:17) AlyssaO: there is some one named tht?!?!
(17:17) Your Peniѕ: :)
(17:17) AlyssaO: well, she didnt know
(17:18) Your Peniѕ: well, I'm your peniss nice to meet you
(17:18) AlyssaO: well, this is getting real boring
(17:18) cutechloe2345: i nkow he is tking ages to pic bye
(17:18) Your Peniѕ: ok cheers bbz, have fun with your bf galzzz
--- You have moved to нaρρïlÿ εṿεɾ aғτεɾ

-Lucie, a.k.a Your Peniѕ

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