Saturday, 7 April 2012


I had over 250 buddies, most of them who I'd never spoken to in my lifeeeee, just random adders.
So I spent ages deleting 200 people, now I have 69 buddies. c;
Right I don't want that many buddies again, and 69's a fineee number of buddies to me, so if you're gonna re-add me, I've got to know who you are, cause otherwise I have to delete one of the very special people who I kept.
I know all my buddies noww and if im trying to find someone, I can find them straight away. c:

And I've had so many people I've met like once coming up to me like 'WHY'D YOU DELETE?DX', and its pretty awkward.

:c I'm sorry if I've deleted you, but it's likely that I don't have a clue who you are, or you've changed your name and I didn't realize you were my friend. :P

Hehe, Sorry again if I've deleted you. And if you ask me why I've deleted you, I'll just give you the link to this post, cause really? I cant be bothered to keep explaining ._.


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