Monday, 2 April 2012

hehe, ranting c:

Luсie (16:53)
usually, the people calling us 'snookies' act more like snookie than the people who look like this

Luсie (16:54)
e.g. this girl, sorta saying it like looking like us is a bad thing, and saying were all

Luсie (16:54)
stereotypical 'snookies' = slutss

Luсie (16:55)
excuse me, this is lucie speaking, I may look like what you call a whoree miss, but I do have a

Luсie (16:55)
personality, and I'm sure you haven't made the effort to get to know mine before judging me;)

Luсie (16:55)
this is how i get, when people judge me and my palssss

♥ƓƐᙢz♥ηicк♥ (16:56)

amen, dont call me or any of my friends a snookie please:)

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