Monday, 16 April 2012

This one's for Gem.

I don't know how I start this.. like wtf? I've never had to say goodbye to someone I love so much :c Gem, ha you're like.. one of my best friends ever. You know me inside and out;) Heck, you know me better than some people irl. I remember one of the first times I saw you on pico, you scared me a lil bit :P I was jealous of you for ages, you're damn pretty. I just thought I should add that c: Don't let anyone tell you different.

Omg.. there's so much to say ._. I'm sorry for this post, its gonna be a long one :P

Well I remember when me Gem, Chiz and Lucie did the jingle bells thing

^ That thing. Before Christmas.. omg everything was.. perfect then, I want it back :(

The times at dickland.. HAHA and the 9some beds;] They're sexy.

When life gives you lemons, squirt juice in the whores face;)
Haha ^ I plan on doing that to a few slag bags :) *cough* cookie *cough*

Who will get me and Taloner married now that you're gone hey?;)  xD I remember our little payback sessions;) They were the b a w m b. We'd stay up till stupid hours planning it;] Miss.those.days.

(07:54) ƓƐᙢz♥ηιcк: is wet

^ sorry about the name, but I remember you saying that :)

So.. I think that's maybe enough writing for now, otherwise I'll cry again:L

I love you gem, you're amazing. I don't care how pedo-ey this is, but we will meet up one day, you, Lucie, Chiz et moi (gosh I hate french..) And whores will pay for this shit, I know you was quitting anyway, but they made it all happen fucking sooner, and it won't end like last time. There ain't no going back, i'll never be friends with those slutty whores.

I'll miss you sfm Gemmy <3

- Love from Merr <3333333333333333333333333333

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