Monday, 9 April 2012

Milkshakes, continued.

'My frozen dairy beverage bringeth
  all the gentlefolk to the yard,
 and they claim,
 "Surely, 'tis better than thine!
 Surely, 'tis better than thine!"
 I'd instruct you,
 though I must levy a fee.'

'My Pokemon brings all the nerds to the yards, 
and they're like you wanna trade cards? 
Damn right i wanna trade cards, 
I can trade you, but not my Charizard.'

'My lactose including-flavored water base liquids invites all the people with Y chromosomes to my orchard and they assume 
My lactose drink is substantially excelling compared to yours
My good golly, my lactose is exponentially excelling compared to yours 
I would be able to mentor you 
But I must take thy power'

'my ten pounds brings all the bitches to the yard 
and they are like do you wanna have sex for a pound 
and am like fuck off bitches am oright'

'My big dick brings all the sluts to the yard,
and they're like i wanna suck it real hard,
damn right you can suck it real hard,
you can suck it but you'd have to swallow..'

'my homework brings
all the asians to the yard.
and they're like it wasn't that hard.'

'my magic brings Voldemort to the yard
and I'm like, that hurts my scar
damn right, that hurts my scar
I could kill you
but that'd be too hard'

There's some crazy people on the internet..

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